Thomas J. Moore, III
Professional Experiences
Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation
I leverage quality, communication, and compassion to deliver features and fixes for world-class software and enable others to do the same.
Across my career at Microsoft, the following themes emerge consistently across product releases:
  • Quality: I care about testing my code, working with others to test my code, providing thoughtful code reviews, fixing bugs, and supporting infrastructure that enables reliable automation and measurement of quality.
  • Collaboration: I have frequently worked with teams across Windows, as many of my features have been at the seams of multiple subsystems and require coordination. I also have been loadbalanced to partner teams to leverage experiences from earlier in my career for reaching a goal.
  • Recruiting: I have been an intern coach for two interns who have received offers and returned to the company to start their careers. I have mentored other devs and interns within the company, and I participate in candidate interview loops and hiring decisions.

Windows 10/Microsoft Edge
Senior Software Engineer, Web Platform Team - Performance, Power, Reliability
  • Owned end-to-end design, testing, and implementation of DOM L3 XPath
    • Used data-driven approach to determine how XPath was used in the existing web; found a limited set of queries from this data that could be mapped to CSS selectors for an initial, low-cost implementation
    • Measured CSS selector implementation via self-host telemetry and found 97% success rate
    • Addressed remaining 3% of queries with hybrid implementation via a native bridge to open-source Wicked-Good XPath Javascript library
    • Leveraged existing internal tests from MSXML and .Net to measure progress, determine interoperability, and prevent regressions
    • Regularly communicated project status with management
  • Participated in Windows-wide Componentization effort
    • Worked with v-team to layer our code base to make it easier to migrate across multiple depots
    • Updated our internal quality tools to correspond to changes in the code base
    • Managed final integration of componentization changes with Edge's active feature development
  • Managed product-wide codeflow and quality
    • Responsible for integrating code from broader Windows organization into Edge branches
    • Coordinated identifying and resolving performance, reliability, and functional issues from team development
    • Integrated high-quality features and bug fixes from Edge's Web Platform Team into Windows
    • Set up and migrated new branches across multiple releases

Windows 8.1/Windows Internet Explorer 11
Software Development Engineer II, Web Graphics and Gaming
  • Contributed to team effort to implement WebGL in IE
    • Learned OpenGL and Direct3D APIs to build bridge between the two specs for IE's implementation of WebGL
    • Owned Textures APIs and implemented texture backend
    • Designed team approach to testing across unit tests, internal functional tests, and external Khronos conformance suite
  • Shipped several security fixes for older versions of IE

Windows 8/Windows Internet Explorer 10
Software Development Engineer II, Web Programming - Object Model
  • Designed and implemented File API and Modern File Upload for Desktop IE, Modern IE, and Windows Web Apps platform
    • Built feature for both Win32 and emerging WinRT platforms to support
    • Became team expert for testing and debugging in Windows8 Modern Shell
    • Collaborated with many teams across Windows to complete several Modern Shell end-to-end scenarios
  • Shipped several security fixes for older versions of IE

Windows Internet Explorer 9
Software Development Engineer, Web Programming - Object Model

Windows 7/Windows Internet Explorer 8
Software Development Engineer, Developer Experience - Object Model
Online Publications and Posts
Written by or featuring me:
Featuring my work:
  • IE Dev Blog: IE11/WebGL feature blog post, written by IE's Corporate VP
  • IE Dev Blog: BlobBuilder (File API) feature blog post, written by my Program Manager counterpart
  • IE Dev Blog: DOM Traversal feature blog post, written by my Program Manager counterpart
Reuters America (now Thomson Reuters)
ASP.NET Developer (INROADS Internship, 3 summers)
  • Created the News for Common Platform Web Application to provide documentation, testing, and performance metrics during the development of Reuters news web service
  • Implemented the Stock Alert page and improved various UI and validation controls for the Reuters Alerts Project
  • Received the highest overall rating in end of summer performance reviews

Anheuser-Busch (now AB-InBev)
Analyst (INROADS Internship, 1 summer)
  • Analyzed and reported metrics for the New Technology Process (NTP) based on usage, efficiency and value; presented quarterly metrics report to senior management
  • Recognized and awarded for producing NTP metrics report
Washington University in St. Louis
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
B.S. with major in Computer Science
M.S. in Computer Science
Available upon request